Financial Aid

FAFSA: Federal Student Aid application

FAME - Financial Authority of Maine - Offers lots of information and help in securing financial assistance.

Five FAME Programs That You May Not Know About 
  • 1.  Attend College While in High School - Challenge ME Grants 
  • 2.  NextGen College Investing Plan® (NextGen®) 
  • 3.  FREE Scholarship, College, and Career Search Tool
  • 4.  FREE Online Financial Literacy Game 
  • 5.  FREE FAFSA Completion   
Are you aware of Tuition Break for Maine Residents?  There are hundreds of degree programs, not offered by Maine's public colleges, that are offered by public colleges in the five other New England states through the New England Regional Student Program.  Find a program here at New England Board of Higher Education's Tuition Break.

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